Hotel Options for CMA Music Festival

To all the fans who had intended to stay at the Gaylord Opryland Resort during your time in Nashville for the 2010 CMA Music Festival, you know by now that the hotel has been ravaged by the recent flooding and will, unfortunately, NOT be operational next month.  We wish our friends at Gaylord Opryland the very best as they begin their cleanup efforts.

Given the hardship Opryland faces, our partners and friends at are helping accommodate all the fans traveling in for this year’s Festival.  They’re making it easier for each of you to find alternate hotel accommodations in June, using the link below for some TERRIFIC hotel options.  As more resources and information become available, we’ll continue to keep you posted.

Also, we just wanted you to know that we announced today that 100% of 2010 CMA Music Festival proceeds will go to charity – with 50% being directed to flood relief for middle Tennessee and the remaining 50% honoring our commitment to fund music education through CMA’s Keep the Music Playing program.  We ALWAYS value the amazing fans and tremendous artists who make CMA Music Festival happen each year, and it’s thanks to each of you that the 2010 event will prosper and will ultimately help rebuild and revitalize Nashville — our city and our home that we hold so dear.  From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for attending this year’s Festival.  It’s going to be a special celebration, to say the least.

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34 Responses to Hotel Options for CMA Music Festival

  1. christina says:

    CMA is still on? Really, you all can get it back up and running by jun10th? dont you all need at least a few weeks to set thing up? omg i wish you all luck! <3

    • tamie says:

      you do not know nashville or nashville people very well if you do not think they will be up and running by then! love you nashville 14 years and still coming back!!

      • Cory Chapman says:

        Woohoo! I think 14 years qualifies you as a Fest/Fan Fair All-Star, Tamie! We look forward to seeing you — and everybody — next month!

    • Cory Chapman says:

      Thanks, Christina! We’ll be workin’ round the clock to be sure Nashville is ready to host our AWESOME fans for the BEST MUSIC FEST EVER! Our city has come together like never before, and we’re so proud of the movement!

  2. Shelley says:

    We’ll be there to support Nashville and bring joy. Coming from Michigan, Kentucky, and Wyoming!

  3. Gloria says:

    I’ll be there from Italy! Nashville is my second hometown and I want to support my friends!
    Thanks for everything.

    • Cory Chapman says:

      Hey Gloria- I was fortunate to visit Italy in December 2008. Beautiful country. We’re so glad you, and all our guests from outside Nashville, will be joining us next month! Safe travels!

  4. Kostas! says:

    We’ll be there all the way from Greece to have a good time and support Nashville!
    Longing to meet many nice people there! We can’t wait! See you in June!!

    • Cory Chapman says:

      Thanks, Kostas! I hope to make it to your beautiful country one day. Regarding Nashville, you sure will meet great people — from the locals to the guests from all world points here to enjoy a GREAT week of music. Make sure to come by the CMA booth in the Greased Lightning Fan Fair Hall to say hi. Travel safely!

      • Lisa says:

        We’re from the UK and this is our 3rd year running, we truly can’t wait to come over and show our support for this amazing place. One day our dream is to live there, dreams can come true – hopefully!! God bless Nashville – you are all amazing & the way you guys pull together is awesome. I have never known anyone like you guys I just wish the media would give this more coverage,nothing here in the UK.

  5. Teresa says:

    So glad that the festival is still going to happen. This is our first! We love Nashville and are saddened by the flood to this great city. All of our favorite spots were/are under water. So sad. But I know Nashville will pull through! Glad that 100% of the proceeds are going to charity as well. Country music really is the best in my opinion! See ya in June! (Driving up from Orlando!)

  6. Charlene says:

    I am looking forward to the CMA more so now that i know the people in Tenn. are in need of help , i support everyone, they are all in our prayers .
    Maryland Loves You. and We Care.

  7. Non i Hodgson says:

    Fantastic news Nashville rocks!
    We are coming from the UK, this will be our second time and we cant wait, are the CMT awards still on going ahead on the 9th as well?
    We are staying at the Loews at West End is this hotel okay?

    • Cory Chapman says:

      Hey there! Yes on all accounts. The CMT Music Awards will be Wednesday, June 9, at Bridgestone Arena (formerly Sommet Center). Also the Loews on West End was no affected by the floods. Great hotel, by the way. You’ll enjoy yourself!

      • Noni says:

        Hi Cory

        Thanks for the information thats great news.

        Thsi will be our 6th visit to Nashville ( its our avourite US city) and 2nd to the festival.

        I am listening in to 95 The Wolf Nashville on my PC. its 8 .50pm here, we dont have any country radio here in the UK

        All the very best to Nashville from us in the UK!

      • Cory Chapman says:

        Thanks, Noni! Love The Wolf! If you email ‘em a request, ask for some Reba!

  8. Brenda Drake says:

    I’m glad the CMA’s are still going to be on and hope the clean up efforts are as fast as possible for the many many musicians : Keep playing we’re still listening. And save as much as you can from the places that have so much water. Peace & LOVE- ;)

  9. always_lisa says:

    Yeah, I am so EXCITED the show must go on, I have been planning this trip for three years and I can’t wait to see it for myself, Opry, CMT Awards and CMA Festival….what a dream come true and I am sure this year will be the best for it’s all about the new and re-born/built Nashville….I love this place and can’t wait to be there June 7-14!!! Been to Nashville many times….but never for the CMA Festival or the CMT Awards, I am sure I am in for a treat….I can’t wait!!!!


  10. Mary says:

    I am sooooo delighted that the Festival will still take place :-)

    We are coming from Scotland UK, this is our first time and are really looking forward to it, it’s also my special birthday treat from my wonderful husband whom I love dearly…xxx

    Wishing all our best to Nashville, and see you in June. !!!

  11. Phil Casper says:

    Are cameras allowed at the Fan Fest? Does this include the higher end Digital Cameras with interchangeable lenses including long telephoto lenses? How can I find out what if any restrictions apply to still cameras. I would hate to get there only to be turned away because I have a “good” camera. Thanks, I am looking forward to the Fest.

  12. melissa leek says:

    Yes!!!! I am so thankful that Nashville is pulling through this tragedy. My 11 year old twins have been waiting 6 months for this (they got tickets as xmas presents) highlights of their lives…. I am happy to hear that the proceeds will go back into the community. Thanks to everyone in Nashville for working so so hard to get things back and running for all of us visitors. CANT WAIT to be there!!!!!
    Melissa- Arizona

    • Cory Chapman says:

      Tickets for a Christmas present is a GREAT IDEA! They get all those months of anticipation, and then it pays off in a HUGE way come June! Mom will be their hero for a long time to come!

  13. bonnie says:

    as a first timer i am sure glad that they are having CMA fest and i am willing to come and spend money to help the cause

  14. Melissa says:

    We will be coming in from Massachusetts and we can’t wait! We were staying at the Gaylord Opry Hotel, but we got luck to find another hotel! Can’t wait to come – 1st CMA Fest for us!

  15. mark says:

    to all our visitors coming in town for the CMA music fest. Middle Tennesseans are a hardy people and they are all pulling together to help each other. I havent seen this much community in a long time. Our great city will shine and each and every one of our guests will be treated like you are part of our family. Please come and show your support to the great music that our city has to offer. Let’s make this years fest one of the biggest and best ever.

    see you all in a month!

  16. Jules says:

    Me and my friends are coming from Florida, MIchigan and right here in Murfreesboro to our 1st CMA Fest. What time do the events start everyday? We cant wait. It is gonna be sooooooo much fun

    • Cory Chapman says:

      Hey Jules! Glad you’re all coming! Most activities and areas start at 10:00, but some venues open earlier (e.g. the Fan Fair Hall at the Nashville Convention Center, and Riverfront Park) so that people can get inside and be ready for the Hall doors to open in the former instance and for the concerts to begin in the latter…

      Within a few days we’ll launch a customizable schedule on that allows you and all the fans to go through the main Fest activities and assemble your own schedule according to those elements you want to see. Then you can print your very own custom schedule. Be on the lookout for that. We’re also launching an iPhone app that will house all schedule info. And finally, when you get onsite you can hit up the Registration Center for a Pocket Guide with all schedule info.

      It’s going to be a BIG year, Jules, and we’re thrilled you, your friends and all the fans coming to the Fest will be part of the event, which will benefit music education and middle Tennessee flood relief!

      • wayne pannullo says:

        Is the iphone app available for schedule info. I can not fined it anywhere. Have a name or path to get to it???? Can not wait for the Fest to start!!!

      • Cory Chapman says:

        GREAT question, Wayne! It will be in the app store next week. We’ll alert everybody when it’s ready for download.

        Enjoy your weekend!

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