Trace Adkins Releases Highly Anticipated New Album ‘Cowboy’s Back In Town’

One of Nashville’s most storied careers took another step forward on August 17 as country star Trace Adkins released the eagerly awaited Cowboy’s Back In Town. The latest CD by the acclaimed singer, author, actor, commentator, and reality show star is the first for Show Dog – Universal Music, the new label headed by fellow superstar Toby Keith and producer Mark Wright.

The album is vintage Trace Adkins, with songs ranging from those celebrating love, like the tender “Still Love You,” to those showcasing the rowdy side of country living, like the hilarious “Hold My Beer.” Adkins is at the top of his game vocally, and the album shows him re-emerging as a top-flight songwriter, as he penned the title track, “Cowboy’s Back In Town,” with friends Jeff Bates and Kenny Beard, who co-produced along with Michael Knox (Jason Aldean). He is joined by special guests Trailer Choir, whose cool-as-a-breeze vocals add the perfect touch to “Don’t Mind If I Don’t,” a song celebrating love as the perfect excuse to take it easy.

In addition to the traditional CD release, Cowboy’s Back In Town has been released in a deluxe version featuring four additional tracks, offering Adkins’ fans the opportunity to dig even deeper into his music.

The project’s first single splits the difference between love and humor, with Adkins’ classic tongue-in-cheek delivery on a song about what may or may not be a country boy’s romantic declaration. 

Adkins’ debut on Show Dog – Universal grew out of his friendship with Toby and their highly successful collaboration on 2009’s “America’s Toughest Tour.” Both were enthusiastic about the chance to work together.

“There’s an excitement surrounding this whole new chapter in our lives,” says Adkins, “and it’s reflected in the work I’ve done on this record. The musicians I brought together are long-time friends, and it doesn’t get much better than that. I had a great time making it, I’m in a great spot creatively, and I think all that shows in the way it sounds.”

Adkins has sold more than 10 million records, scored three No. 1 hits and 14 Top Tens, earned four Grammy nominations, and given us classics including “You’re Gonna Miss This,” “This Ain’t No Thinkin’ Thing,” “Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk” and “Ladies Love Country Boys,” to name a few. 

In addition to headlining his own concerts, Adkins and Toby Keith are pairing up once again for the high-powered American Ride Tour, which continues through September. For a complete listing of all Trace Adkins concert dates, visit  

 Cowboy’s Back In Town – Track Listing
 1.      Brown Chicken Brown Cow

 2.      Hold My Beer                         

 3.      Cowboy’s Back In Town          

 4.      This Ain’t No Love Song      

 5.      Hell, I Can Do That                 

 6.      A Little Bit Of Missing You       

 7.      Still Love You                          

 8.      Don’t Mind If I Don’t                 

 9.      Ala-Freakin-Bama                   

 10.    Break Her Fall                         

 11.    Whoop A Man’s Ass               

 Deluxe Edition:

1.      Happy Man    

2.      Between Rainbows and the Rain   

3.      Pictures On Mantles

4.      Hillbilly Bone – performed by Blake Shelton (featuring Trace Adkins)

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One Response to Trace Adkins Releases Highly Anticipated New Album ‘Cowboy’s Back In Town’

  1. Kev says:

    Excellent news, I look forward to getting a copy over here in the UK in the near future!!

    Just one query – why all these deluxe editions?? Why not just release the whole thinh straight off? Who’s going to buy the standard edtion with just 11 tracks when they can get 15 for just a few $$ more?? Crazy!!

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