Payton Rae Draws the Next Generation of @CountryMusic Enthusiasts

By Lacey Printz

Rocking a pink dress and pink cowboy boots, 16-year-old Payton Rae took over the Hard Rock Acoustic Stage on Saturday afternoon.

Born and raised in Texas, Payton Rae built a small fan base back in her hometown of Houston. She eventually began posting videos on YouTube and fans began to follow her via Twitter and Facebook. In 2011, she created her first ever EP, Dare to Live.

Standing with her two guitarists, Payton sang her most recent single, “Stomp the Fire Out,” which prompted an encouraging response from listeners.

Katie Milligan, 11, from Nashville, Tenn., came out with her mom to watch Payton.  “She was really, really good!” she said. “Her dress was pretty and pink is my favorite color.”

Milligan also wore a big smile as Payton performed another single, “Not Your Cinderella.”

Ashley Spence, 23, from Fort Worth, Texas, could not believe that Payton was only sixteen when hearing her voice. “She’s amazing up-and-coming young artist,” she said. “I look forward to hearing her again.”

This was Payton’s second time being featured at the CMA Music Festival, and here’s to many more to come.

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13 Responses to Payton Rae Draws the Next Generation of @CountryMusic Enthusiasts

  1. Devyn says:

    love love love Payton Rae! she will be the reason i go to CMA Fest next year! shes come so far & will go even further in the future! thanks for the article!

  2. Yenah Joe says:

    she’s awesome! and is definetly going far (:

  3. Lauren Macdonald says:

    So so proud of Payton! She killed that thanng! Love LOVE Payton Rae!

  4. cristina says:

    i loveee Payton Rae

  5. Julie U says:

    I love Payton Rae!!

  6. Liv says:

    Awww yay I love Payton!! Thanks for doing this article on her :D

  7. Ali says:

    She’s such a great singer! <3

  8. Samantha says:

    I LOVE payton!! :)

  9. Tina Foley says:

    Payton Rae is amazing! She is a wonderful singer and will soon be on the top of the charts

  10. Chloe says:

    Loved seeing Payton on Saturday! She did an amazing job! Thanks for the article! :)

  11. Lauren Macdonald says:

    AHH Payton amazes me so so much! She killed that stage & did amazing! I love LOVE love Payton Rae! SO proud!

  12. Ebony Jarry says:

    Wohoo go Payton.. She an amazing artist. I hope to see her live there next year

  13. Kelli Givens says:

    Payton is awesome singer and a awesome young lady period. She is a very grounded, down to earth 16 year old young lady. She loves to sing and she does it because she really loves it. She loves her fans because she knows without them she wouldn’t be where she is. She met a friend of my son’s years ago in the Bahamas and through him is how I started talking to her when she was 14 and just getting started and she is a very sweet, intelligent, and talented young lady that will have a huge future in Music.

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