Kudos to Country Music fans!

2010 CMA Fest = Awesome

Well, 2010 CMA Music Festival has come to a close.  Can we all take a collective sigh?  And can we also revel in the splendor that was the Ultimate Country Music Fan Experience?  It was an AMAZING event from start to finish. 

From the early week activities including the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Challenge and the CMA Global Artist Party to mid-week festivities including Wednesday’s Parade, Block Party and CMT Music Awards to the official Fest activities that launched Thursday with The Judds at Riverfront Park all the way through Brad Paisley’s closing LP Field set on Sunday, 2010 was a Fest to remember.  One might even call it the best Fest yet!

Thanks Be to the Fans

Even with such an overload of entertainment options (and there were a TON), it’s easy to pinpoint the singular highlight of the week.  That single highlight is the fans – the fans who came together with a collective goal of celebrating Country Music, honoring our favorite artists, and helping Nashville reclaim its glory as Music City!

To all you fans who braved the heat and the grueling pace of CMA Music Festival this year, HATS OFF TO YOU!  Words aren’t enough to tell you how much we appreciate you and what you brought to Tennessee to make this year’s Festival the BIGGEST ONE EVER!  You helped Nashville shine at a time when it needs it most.  While words will never be enough, please know how much the Nashville and the Country Music communities value you.

Planning for More Awesomeness

Many have asked about the 2011 event.  Please know it is scheduled for Thursday-Sunday, June 9-12, 2011.  Renewals will be going out in early July.  If you had a four-day ticket for this year’s event, you’ll have first dibs at ordering for 2011!  (And if you want better seats than you had this year, there will be an option to upgrade your seats, based on availability after renewals are processed.)  The nationwide on-sale for the 2011 event will follow the renewal program in late July or early August. 

To be sure you’re up to date on all the details, get signed up for CMA Exclusive, and also like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Three More Hours of 2010 CMA Fest

Don’t forget to tune in to see yourself on TV when “CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock” airs Wednesday, Sept. 1 at 8/7c on ABC.  Tim McGraw is hosting, and there are more than 20 stars featured in the special.  We’ll be watching with you and remembering all the fun we had one hot June in Nashville… :-)

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8 Responses to Kudos to Country Music fans!

  1. VEGAS says:

    I wrote some songs…..who could I tell them to?…..I like to play acoustic guitars, sure could use a gig right now>…I sing and play. great vocals.

    I thought the excellent hard work and sweat sure paid off!….Great job.

    I couldnt Get there no airfare, so i listened on my mac!

    thanks> VEGAS….rollin’ one time baby!

  2. Danna Henderson says:

    Will Ticket agents get all of the good tickets before July?
    We definitly want to upgrade next year. We had a great time and found the event awsome, loving, and caring.
    Danna and Alvin Henderson

    • Cory Chapman says:

      Hey Danna- No, nobody will have a chance to order before the fans who attended this year get your renewal opportunity. We’ll be sharing official dates very soon. Thanks!

  3. Suzette says:

    This was my first time in Nashville and at the CMA FEST and I had the time of my life. I drove all the way from Canada to attend the fest by myself…Yep, 14 solid hours of driving. I met and made some great friends who I think I will be in touch with for a long time.
    I cannot wait for next year. I came with no expectations (of course to hear great country music) and you guys gave me a really HOT June to remember for sure. Now when I see the artists again, I flash back to the shows there at Riverfront and LP Stadium.

    Thanks CMA…..
    Suzette Thompson, from Toronto Canada….

  4. Susie Stephens says:

    I would like to say that CMA Fest was awesome, had a wonderful time! Just had one thing that was really a downfall for me . At the convention center, while taking pictures and in line for a long time to see Jake Owen, finally getting to him, how very rude he was. He was the most rudest and hatefullest person I know. Does he not know his fans are there for him, well they try to be,well not me not any more. He made a remark and everyone said what did he say???? Very embarrassing, but not to worry Jake Owens this ole girl will never look at you like I did before. Yes you may be a good looking guy but it is what is inside that counts and what comes out of that mouth that counts even more. Treat your fans right, and you may get treated better.

  5. Gary says:

    My wife and I watched the CMA Awards last night and we enjoyed most of the show. Could someone please explain to us why Kid Rock is on this program? His music is certainly not country, in any way shape or form. As people that enjoy Country music and the core values associated with it, we find it ridiculous to have him on a Country show. The two songs which he sang solo were two too many, and were awful. Please keep the Country venue to the likes of Trace Atkins, Kelly Pickler, Brad Paisley, Reba and Carrie to name a few. They are true Country artists and not some washed up rock star trying to capitalize on the popularity of Country music. The same applies to Bon Jovi. Of course this is our opinion and some may not agree. Thanks for the opportunity to express our feelings.

  6. Loved Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley. They were really hot. They always put on a good show. They should always be entertainers of the year.

    As for Taylor Swift, I was very disappointed in her new song. Same ole, same ole. Very mediocre and sounds just like everything else she writes. Absolutely no imagination like she used to have. I hope the rest of her new album has something more to offer than what she did at the Festival.

    Also enjoyed Reba and Martina with their new songs. Wonderful! Zac Brown is not too bad either.

    Whatever, I enjoyed it all immensely.

  7. roger leger says:

    You people have no clue what country music is. 200 years from now people will still be marveling at Vern Gosdin. These so called country music singers like some guy whose last name is Aldean (Sp?) is as country as Kanye West. You will be long gone from peoples memories when George Jones is still selling records. You are an insult to country music.

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