Twas The Night of Country Christmas

Twas the night of CMA Christmas, when all through the lands
Country fans were abuzz to watch their favorite bands.
Their TVs were set, they had to see it all
From artists, to muppets, and trees oh-so-tall.


They nestled on their couches, ready to sing along,
“Jingle Bells,” “White Christmas,” every last song.
With Jennifer at the helm for the second year in a row,
15 artists are here to put on a (GREAT) show.

When 9 o’clock came with Christmas carols abound,
Kids knew to be quiet and not make a sound.
Away to the couches they flew awfully fast,
Cuddled up with their blankets to watch our Christmas show cast.

Miss Piggy the Muppet takes the stage with Vince Gill,
To sing of the weather, the snow, and the chill.
But Amy Grant is here too! To sing with her boo!
They promise to give a great performance for you.


The talent on stage is truly incredible,
Miss Piggy’s still complaining about Brad Paisley calling her edible.
Sugarland, sugarplums, fireside chats,
Not one but two songs by the famous Rascal Flatts.

And then from the crowd we hear an applause,
As Brad and Brian boogie woogie like Santa Claus.
Then Keith serenades us, the best from down under,
Lauren and Kellie from Idol, they fill us with wonder.

Now Scotty!, now Darius!, now, Little Big Town!
On Faith!, On Martina, oh such a beautiful gown!
To the front of the stage! To the front of it all!
Now sing away! Sing away! Sing away ya’ll!

We hope you enjoy watching our show,
Its a pleasure to have you, just so you know.
Enjoy the holidays, we hope they are swell,
We here at CMA Christmas wish you all well!!!


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    Love it

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