5….4….3….2….1! Social Media Blitz for LP Field Concerts!

Alright fans! We’re counting down the days to the 2013 CMA Music Festival by giving away a pair of  4-day tickets every day this week in rows 1-5 at LP Field!  Connect with us online for your chances to win Monday through Friday!

Here’s a cheesy rhyme to pass the time:

Five days of giveaways
comin’ your way!

Check out the clues
to know what to do.

Google PlusTo see the show in the 5th row,
Follow us, on Google+.

Inst-0.75inchTo get a 4th row view, and bring a friend too,
follow us STAT, ‘cause Instagram’s where it’s at.

Pin-0.75inch.vBWin seats to row three, they are free!
Pinterest is the way, to win these today!

TW-0.75inchIt’s time for row two, I think you know what to do,
On Twitter with a retweet, you’re in for a treat.

FB-0.75inchTo enjoy front row for all four nights,
hit up Facebook, and give us a Like.
You may be sittin’ pretty, right in front of the stars
All your friends will want to be where you are.

I’m out of rhymes,
So just connect with us online.

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7 Responses to 5….4….3….2….1! Social Media Blitz for LP Field Concerts!

  1. Cookie says:

    But I already “like” you on Face book (Friday) I don’t have a i-Phone (Tuesday) 😦

  2. Sundee Fox says:

    Would give anything to win these tix and take my daughter. We are missing each other because I work so much and this would be a great memory for us! We love love love country music and Nashville…can’t wait to see everything that Music Fest has to offer😉

  3. Donna Nelson says:

    So EXCITED about CMA Fest!!!

  4. pepsikolor says:

    Can’t wait for CMA FEST!!!!

  5. RobinM says:

    The count down is on at my house…all of us are so excited!

  6. Janice Glasser says:

    Will get my Country Music fix!!

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